Terms of use

This is an agreement between me (Travis Spomer) and you, a guest of my service. If you don’t agree to these terms, discontinue using the service immediately.

You may use the service to share any reasonable number of links. You must not use an automated tool to use the service, or use it in any way other than through this website. You must not use the service in an attempt to disrupt it, or harm the experience of others—for example, to waste space, bandwidth, or processing power by repeatedly sharing links you don’t need.

You must not use the service to share links to unlawful content, hate speech, spam, or malware. I may remove content that I feel does not adhere to these rules at my discretion.

If I ever decide that I need to discontinue this service, I’ll do my absolute best to make sure that existing links continue to work for at least another year or two. That said, this service is provided as-is without any warranty, and in any kind of legal claim I will be liable only for damages in the amount that you paid me for the service, nothing.

Privacy policy

Hratli does not collect any personal details about you, or track you, or include any advertising. The only data that Hratli collects are the links submitted, which are not associated with you in any way. Hratli may anonymously check the links that you submit with a third-party service to detect malware and phishing sites.